And so i Write.

They say the only way to be a writer is to write, and so i write. or at the very least type words on a page that i hope someone will bother to read.


Right at this very minute i’m trying to decide what type of novel i would ideally love to write. I’ve broken it down to Dystopian Fiction rather then science fiction. though it can be said that all dystopians are science fiction of a sort i’m not sure this is true. I once remember reading that Science Fiction is an implausible¬†reality, a world that is entirly unlikely to ever come true. Where as a dystopian fiction novel has the hint of reality, the possibility that one day it will be closer to history then fantasy. i’m not sure how true the concept is, but it seems logical to me, and although i love far flung stories, ones that verge on the impossible, the magic “they” also say to write what you know. i know being left behind by technology. i know always being one step behind the current trends, and i see the future that could become a possibility if we let it. as unlikely as it is to be, its always a little bit of fun to see into our the biggest part of decideing to write a dystopian novel is to figure out what makes a novel dystopian – or rather a good dystopian – novel in the first place?

so what doyou think? what makes a novel dystopian? what are your favorite types of dystopian novels? are you more hunger games or brave new world?

what are your thoughts on the dystopian genre?



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