Growing up sucks…

Well there you have it, growing up sucks.

i remember coming home everyday after school during 9th and 10th grade and writing my heart out. mostly i stuck to fanfiction, but i began to venture out on my own with characters and stories of my own creation.

I felt alive, like the words just flowed out of my fingers and on to my primative windows xp (i lie, it was probably windows 97 >_<). It was good to feel the flow of words. Now my writing is halted, i’m reserved and afraid of the words i put to paper (electoric or otherwise). I reconsider every word before its had time to settle on the page.

i think this is the biggest folly with growing up. when your young you never doubt yourself, you dive in and damn what the world thinks! As you age things become more… uncertain. you start wondering if there are better ways to do things, and then fret over the choice you’ve made. you know enough to know that others have done it amazingly and all you have to do is follow in there foot steps, when in fact that may be your down fall.20120424-200936.jpg

so i’m throwing away my new found need to plan my writing out, i’m letting the sarcasm and humor back in and saying screw it to the audience. i’m writing for me, and if you want to come for the ride be my guest!

happy writing



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