Rain, rain, go away…

It hasn’t stopped pouring all day but that certainly didn’t stop us from exploring the city. I won’t bore you with the details, but i will say that i found some insperation in a quill. we went to visit the Parthenon , home to the crypts of Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas, and while there i fell in love with a very reasonably priced quill.


Needless to say i purchased it. Here is my writing set up: tea, kobo and quill. i feel set for anything that comes my way. Now i just have to write.

I find it truly amazing that at some point in history people used to write with a quill on parchment paper. It seems so archaic now but i remember growing up without a computer, the only way to send a message to my family across the country was to write a letter by hand. Now we have the convinces of email and facebook not to mention text message and skype.

It spurs me on to think that when i started writing at 12 i had to do it by hand, there was no erasing, i just wrote and crossed out lines that i didn’t like and continued on. perhaps that shows my age but it also shows that if i could do it when it was harder to accomplish then i certainly can do it now.

well, i’m off to try and accomplish more writing today. my the words flow from your fingers!



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