Same Old Story, New Ending.

I’ve been contemplating alot on the merits of using old story ideas and bringing a fresh look to them. some of my favorite stories are pretty much that. For example Tamora Pirece’s Lioness quartet. Its my all time favorite series. but looking at the series it is easy to see that this series is actually just the same old story of hero vs darkness, hero saveing kingdom, that has existed forever. The newness to it is the fact that the hero is a Female, and the saving of the kingdom couldn’t happen without all her friends to help her.

So that leads to my own writing. i think one of the biggest obstacles ive encountered with my writers block has been the need to write something fresh or new, the need to be the one to change everything. The simple truth though  is that if i’m thinking it someone somewhere has thought of it too, and maybe even written about it. Thats not to say writing isn’t unique.

Uniqueness in writing is from tone and character, its from the authors ability to instill the magic of their worlds on you and your ability to dream up the world written out.

Alot of my favorite stories have certain charcteristics and i’m sure if you stop and look at yours you’ll seen its the same. For me the major characteristics are : good vs evil, dystopian, strong female, scooby gangs, misfits, fantastical, love/hate, wit.

These characteristis seem to apear in almost all the stuff i read (and most of the stuff i write ) and it goes without saying that there are hundreds of thousands of novels out there that could be said to have these characteristics but none of those novels are exactly the same.

Even though its all been done before it will always be worth doing again. Never be afraid to add your voice to the cacophony.



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