Writing Space. Literally

My perfect spot was just to the right of the window, you can see the corner of the sofa on the right.

I never realized how important a writing space is but since i’ve been back ( from Paris that is) i find it nearly impossible to write and part of that is that my desk is in the main room, i have no privacy and no alone time. this means that i feel vulnerable even though i really shouldn’t. Though my desk is perfect for completing school work i find i am unable to capture that same relaxed free feeling. Instead i’m left with an anxiety for no particular reason.

Back when i had graduated high school and got my own personal computer (that was in the time when as a family we only had one computer that we shared) i set it up around my favorite comfy chair in my bed room, and that was where the magic of my inital writing happened. so perhaps this has always been an issue with me and i just never noticed.

so now i need to find a space that i can consider my own writer space. it doesn’t have to be MINE exactly, but rather an area that offers what im missing. in the aprartment in france there was this little sofa, just big enough for one, near a window with a little table for my tea next to it. i need something like that. the only real problem with that is there is no space near the windows, except sitting at my dest and that doesn’t feel right.

I’m currently looking into area’s i can occupy and create a similar space, but i am unsure of the potential for any space in the currently packed apartment.

do you have any favorite spaces to write? Or any favorite places you go to when you feel like writeing? Or can you just sit and write anywhere?




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