Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me.

Dear sixteen-year-old me.

By the time you turn 27 things won’t be as you thought they would.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, or good news really, but there was no zombie apocalypse and raccoon city isn’t real. You will not save the world from an evil multinational corporation by the time your twenty and all while looking awesome on a motorcycle on the way to LA. Lone wolf style.

You will work many jobs you hate and few you love but none you want to work at for the rest of your life. And the prospect for your future will look kind of grim (note to 16 year old me – don’t take anthropology for more than a year, then switch to something that will give you a job and is fun…like teaching or computers)

You will not be a famous writer working next to the likes of Stephen King; however you are still working on it.

When you “grow up” things won’t be more fun, more free or more interesting. you will spend more time on homework then you ever did for any class in high school, your idea of fun will be having a few moments to read a magazine and drink a coke and freedom is an impossibility unless you decide to go all “into the wild”  on the universe. Which isn’t going to happen – one word – bathrooms.

Sixteen-year-old me, I’m asking you nicely now – back away from the chips- seriously just put them down. You will not like the affects these have on your hips later trust me.

And when Mass effect 3 is announced, don’t buy it. Seriously it will save you so much grief.

By the time you turn 27 you will have dealt with more hard truths, heart break and loss then you believe is possible right now. People you care for will die, move away and stop talking to you. You will not have the same BFF’s as you currently do; no matter how many pacts you make to stay friends forever.

But there is one thing you need to know sixteen-year-old me, never give up.

The world will hand you lemons and you will turn that shit into iced strawberry lemonade, it will rip you to pieces but you will be cunning enough to sew yourself back together and then add pockets. You will face choices that make you want to cry, so go ahead and cry! And when you’re done letting it out get back up and make the choice.

When you feel down you will set new goals, when you miss one goal you will set another. When you fail you will say “ok, bring it on!”  And when you smile it will mean so, so much more because you will mean it.

I know this will seem crazy, I may be older but I still remember what you were like. Bright, funny, happy always smiling. You will lose that at some point, but you will gain a new outlook, you will be more real and in the end your happiness will be authentic.

The last thing I have to tell you, and possibly the more important, is be yourself and stand up for who you are. You are more important then you think.






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