I’m Back!

ok, so the last time i updated this thing my life was pretty awesome. i was dating a guy i loved, just back from a trip to Paris, and rearranging the shared apartment to make a better writing space for me. well, life has a way of dumping us on our heads when we think we are on solid ground. i got cocky, i thought i had it all figured out. for those that suffered through my annoying “better then thou” attitude i am truly sorry.

About 4 months ago my so called perfect relationship imploded. my guy i loved – it turns out – didn’t quite love me back. this meant i had to scramble to pack up everything i owned (which is surprisingly little, i didn’t even own a single piece of furniture) and move to my mom’s all while trying to get a decent grades for the semester and working in my off time. to add to the sad time my great friend M was moving back home at the same time and one of my other really great friends J was still off on a (sorta) vacation. * you guys know who you are (or should) and i miss you both tons.

Needless to say (but said anyway :P) i became more then a little depressed. Not really hard to see since i basically lost everything i had gained in the last two years in one single day. the bright news is i did pull through my semester (with straight B’s to boot, which are sorta like A’s to me) and am managing to start over from where i was dropped off.

i admit that life isn’t as fancy these days, i certainly don’t make waffles for breakfast on saturday mornings, or spend a a evening readying a mag and drinking a cup of tea (while a little robot vacoumes the floor) but i don’t know if thats really such a bad thing.

i like to call this writers cake. it tastes like yum.

So here i am, starting over. so i figured a new look to the blog and maybe try and actually market myself. i mean, if E.L.James can do it, why can’t i?

Just a brief rundown on the new site:

The link at the top title My Story Blog will bring you to a second blog i’ve set up that will allow you to see stuff i decide to post. nothing new yet, but stuff is in the works.

I’ve updated my CC licence, so please if you do wish to share my work remember to give credit. if you’d like more info on creative commons you can get it here.

I’ll be attempting to add more photos as i go along, if you have any requests feel free to ask 😀

ok, thats all for now.



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