Happy Halloween and Nanowrimo Eve!

Our Pumpkin
Our pumpkin this year.

well there you have it, its once again that time of year. I must admit that as i’ve gotten older Halloween has lost some of its magic and appeal. As an adult there are very few creative outlets for Halloween basically just dressing up and getting drunk. Kids don’t even go door-to-door anymore (at least not where i live).

I still had a pretty great Halloween though. Instead of going out i stayed home and watched Harry Potter and some random horror movies. maybe not as memorable but more fun to me then getting drunk. I also spent some of my time preping for the other most significant day today – Nanowrimo. If you have not heard of it but have always wanted an excuse to write i highly suggest checking it out. basically it boils down to spending 1 month trying to write a 50,000 word novel.

i have never managed to make it to the end, between school and work i always get distracted i’m setting my goals high this year and am aiming for at least half. which will be much more then i usually manage to complete.

i’ve started working on characters and plot (which is well within the guidelines and rules) and am working on incorporating a word count into my blog. if i can’t figure it out i’ll just post a count with each new update.

hope everyone having a blast for all hallows eve, if you’ve started nano let me know and we can be writing buddies. i know i could use the encouragement.

till next time,



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