A New Year, a new resolution.

This is how i keep track of characters and story lines these days, no more lost pages.
This is how i keep track of characters and story lines these days, no more lost pages.

So here we are. We made it through the Apocalypse  Now we sit on the edge of 2013 waiting to see which way the pin will drop this year.

The past month has been a month of reflection for me, one of considering where I’ve been and how I got here. Also a lot of reminiscing (in case you missed my labyrinth post). I find now as I prepare to make new resolutions I won’t keep and a grand plan that will ultimately fail for another year I am less inclined to dream big, but more inclined to want my dreams to come true.

This year I’d like to make resolutions that matter.

Perhaps this undertaking will be more ambitious then I will be able to accomplish, maybe I’ll fail, but this year I’m going to actually try. Not just say I will and give up the next day when I realize it’s going to very very hard.

I won’t outline all my goals here as most have nothing to do with this space, but one does. One is the very essence of this space. To write. Well more accurately to finally finish a rough draft of any of my novels by next December.

Seems both daunting and effortless. like i should be able to do this with my hands tied behind my back. ( well not really, since you know, that would stop me from being able to write.) but the hard part is sitting down an doing it. i find there are so many distractions that take my attention away from writing. i think the basses of this problem is that i don’t enjoy writing the way i used to. Possibly because its no long free thoughts flowing onto the page but rather a compilation of proper grammar and writing. this leads to waaaaay to much though being put into things i don’t need to worry about.

so first step on this grand master plan : to writer 1 chapter of any novel without spending time criticizing or researching.

ok well, i’m off to start this first task, i’ll let you all know how it pans out. wish me luck.



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