Just because i’m not in classes doesn’t mean i’m not studying.

So i decided to take this semester off, mainly because i needed a break from the crazy hysteria that had at some point become my life. between being super sick all the time and being uncertain about my future i needed some time to just chill out and figure out what was most important to me.

Studying Writing with the help of a little earl grey.
Studying Writing with the help of a little earl grey.

for those of you keeping up with this space, i decided that writing was what i wanted to do. professionally and for a living if possible. that means getting serious about this blog and my writing life. it means no more slacking. so today i took some time out to study up on novel writing.

this went remarkably well with the help of the Writer’s Digest book, ‘the Complete Handbook of Novel Writing’ which i am now using as a textbook as i embark on my journey to become a better author. so far i’ve learned a few things already which makes me feel like its actually bennificial and it’s alreay helped me write out an outline. so thats also a total bonus.

now to just keep up the momentum and finish a story!

also, you’ll notice the Domain name on this blog has changed, yay to domains!.



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