Characters are people to.

i feel like the characters i create are indeed real people. capable of all the emotions and insecurities i believe humans are capable of. when i used to write fan fiction i used to place a little joke paragraph at the beginning in which my characters were literally locked up next to me, talking to me as i wrote.

although i know not all writers believe this i think perhaps it is my favorite part of being a writer. i remember reading part of Janet Evanovichs book on writing and her mentioning that she didn’t believe characters were alive and to be honest it kinda broke my heart. i loved her characters and to me they are alive. as a reader all the characters i’ve ever read have been given the personalities the author imbues them with. perhaps that why i have so much rage for books like twilight and 50 shades that have so little to do with strong, well written characters and so much to do with fluff.

my aim as a writer is therefore going to be writing characters that i would like to be friends with. to have villains i hate, or love to hate. i want to have a protagonist that everyone can both see themselves as and want to be at the same time. when i think of characters i tend to think alot about Joss Whedon. he has done some amazing things with  characters. created whole worlds for them to live in and through them shown us this world. i mean, Buffy is who i wanted to be growing up.

sometimes when i read a novel i wish the authors had spent more time on the characters. like my recently reviewed Feed by Mira Grant, the characters come across as whiny and i doubt that was the outcome the author was going for. Perhaps its because they don’t spend enough time with their characters, or maybe that’s just how they envision the character and its just a trait that i don’t like. Whatever the cause i often am left to wonder how these characters come to be created. Did E.L.James really just sit down at her computer and decide that she’d really like to be a girl like Ana? did she really want ana as a friend ? (specially given ana’s inability to be a good friend.) or was she seeing herself as Ana? Perhaps she was just a  plot device and not a character at all. Ana is definitely not 4 dimensional.

what sucks most about the creation of Ana Steele is that it stole my favorite last name for a character, i always used to end up with at least one character that had Steel or Steele as a last name. now i feel like the name is tainted, if i were to put it in any romance novel ever it will immediately end up being compared to  50 shades and i certainly do not want that.

Anyway. heres a bit of fun for you. my old fanfiction profile!

till later



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