Inspiration in the form of a book.

642 Things to Write About - By The San Francisco Writers' Grotto
642 Things to Write About – By The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto

sometimes i find it remarkably hard to find inspiration. i can sit there staring at the screen for hours and have absolutly nothing to say. however, on the train in the morning when my hands are full with coffee and a book i will have the best ideas ever. so to help inspire me at home i bought this book today – 642 Things to Write About – By The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto (pictured to the right). i’ve already written one short piece that i’ve posted on Finding Fortune.

hopefully this will help me start to get the words flowing again. I feel like if i can keep that up then maybe i stand a chance at finishing my damn novel sometime this year.

– Ginger


7 thoughts on “Inspiration in the form of a book.

  1. Isn’t that always the way, though? Inspiration hits at the most inconvenient times. I got a huge brainwave for one of my stories while horseback riding. I considered constructing a crude quill from the surrounding greenery and using my horse as a canvas, but it just didn’t seem fair to the horse.


    1. wow, while horseback riding ? i’ve never been, but i can only imagine that all i would be thinking would be along the lines “please don’t fall, please don’t fall…”. i had the biggest surge of inspiration this morning while walking to the train but i couldn’t stop to write it down and forgot what i was thinking by the time i got there. >_< i have started carrying a notebook with me though – to at least catch some of the ideas. Best of luck with your inspirations! 😀


      1. Oh! Idea! Use your smartphone’s voice recorder function if you’re on the go, and then you can babble all your ideas into your phone as they happen, and you’ll never forget them again!


      2. thanks, that’s awesome and i’m wondering why it never occurred to me before! that would save me so much time and allow me to keep my idea’s in one place (instead of millions of little scraps of paper) plus that would really come in handy when on the go. seriously thanks for the share ! 😀


      3. 😀 i’m totally glad! i’m testing out the recording function on my iphone – apparently there has always been a record memos button that i didn’t even know existed. i seriously learn new things every day 😀


      4. Lol, that’s me. The tech guru. Who can’t figure out how to turn off her alarm clock on her phone. Seriously. I can get the darn thing on, change the date, change the time, make it biweekly, whatever, but turning it off? Impossible. I have to set the alarm to one minute ahead of the time I’m at then, wait for the alarm to ring, and THEN turn it off. Ack, I say. Ack.


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