And this week, I actually did shit.

My earl grey that i drink as i write this.
My earl grey that i drink as i write this.

So this week i acutally did shit. yeah, usually i say i’m going to do stuff and i never get around to it. This week, i acutally did things. i read two books, played and finished Tomb Raider, and started my zombie novel. talk about a productive week. so heres a brief recap on what i thought about the the novels. and the game.

On:  Gun Machine by Warren Ellis.

this book blew me away for so many reason. top of which was the simple prose. i found myself pasueing over sentances that took my breath away or made me laugh physically out loud. the characters made me love them, even though i know not everone agrees with me there. I could see myself being friends with Tallow, and doing crazy experiments with Scarly and Bat. i loved the fact that there are a bunch of women in powerful roles and so many types of people in general are represented. I love the point of view of the “villian”, getting a look behind the curtain is somehting i love to do. though i should also point out that there are a few flaws, they are not so big that i disliked the novel. the climax could have been better, but i feel like it fit for the tone of the book – anything else and it would have felt like over exageration. definintely a recomended read in my opnion.

On: Naked in Death by J.D. Robb

So, for those that don’t know J.D. Robb is acutally Nora Roberts writing with a Psudonym. At first i didn’t think i would enjoy the series, its a book written in the 90s about the future – so naturally alot of the technology acutally doesn’t seem that impressive to us today. that said Robb does a nice job making the setting be the background to the characters adn not the story itself. Her characters are perhaps a little typical, but so well done that i found i didn’t really care. the case (or crime) that is set to be solved is relevent and seems to aid the chracters development. though i don’t know hoe the rest of the series will hold up over the years, i feel like i could enjoy this series the same way i enjoy watching castle or The Mentalist. I’d definalty recomend this series – it should be noted however that there is some explicit sex and vilence so if your can’t handle that you should probably stay away.

On: Tomb Raider.

well. this is a trickier review to write. in some ways i loved the new tomb raider, but in others i was disapointed. lets start with the bad first so that we can finish with all the things i loved.  firstly i’m not a big fan of the graphics. they were good enough – which is true – but coming up against works like mass effect 3 it felt weaker. the length of the game is inncredibly short, even the cut scenes seemed to be quick and the story seems only half developped. i realize that this is really Lara’s first adventure, but i wish there had been more back story (like how her and sam met, how much education Lara has at that point, and why she’s on that journey in the first place.), i also wish there had been more dialgue and more back story about the island. you are able to find out little pieces from the notebooks you find, but some historical cut scenes would have been fun.The last thing i dislike, though somthing i expected, was the lack of choice. Bioware has spoiled me, i feel like every game should give me options now, like i should be able to choose the destiny of – at the very least- the people around me, but there are many cases in which your forced to watch as people get kidnapped, killed or left behind. Now for the things i liked. the casting fits well, making the characters believeable – though Lara’s accent isn’t as pronounced as i’m used to. The story itself fits well with the background of Lara Croft, the incredible situation you’re put in is great and the horrifying scenes are pretty crazy. The action keeps the story moving and the controls work well with the quick paced gameplay.

Overall this week has been a great one. i’ve actually accomplished something and it feels kinda great. i’ve even started work on my \zombie novel. i don’t want to go into to much detail yet, because it’s still changing., but i’ve got a plan, setting and characters so its coming together nicely.

well, as always, leave thoughts and comments below.



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