Sunny days are here again.

So, there was sun today.

this may not seem like a crazy thing to most but here in the ciry of eternal rain it seems like the most splendid thing in the universe. in fact spending even half a day in the sun seems to have rejuvenated me more then i knew i needed.

The Beach (well one of the beaches) in vancouver bc.
The Beach (well one of the beaches) in vancouver bc.

there’s this part of me that can not wait to spend sunny days lounging with my friends on a beach or the grass reading. or even just having a tall glass of iced tea on a patio and enjoying the natural sunny rays shining down on me.

the last few months of my life have be a whirl wind of activity and emotion. i’ve spent more time contemplating my existence and my future then i ever have before. i know now that i want to be a writer, that i want to change the world (or maybe just one persons world) with the words i write. i want to make people smile, laugh and maybe even cry. i used to spend a lot  of time wondering what i should do with my life, i was indecisive because i didn’t believe my dream of being a writer was possible, or plausible. i lived with self doubt.

now i know that i may not be the best writer out there, i doubt my stories will ever rival Stephen King, but i can be better then a lot of other main stream popular novels (here’s looking at you 50 Shades) and really that’s all i can strive for.

I’m sure everyone has felt this way at some point, so here is a shout out to all of us that have faced the fear, doubt and indecision. Lets do this, lets follow our dreams!


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