Turn and face the change.

(Title obviously inspired by David Bowie. Changes.)

It seems like everything is in motion right now. Everything is up in the air – floating glass bubbles just waiting to fall.

My life over the last few weeks has become more hectic, perhaps a consequence of pushing myself to change.  I’m working on my writing, slowly filling the pages of my notebook with words about a zombie apocalypse. Dealing with moving, my lame attempts at dating, and the start of another semester. Trying to become more minimalist and less materialist. Reading more, watching TV less. Engaging in growth.

With all this in mind tonight I’m reminded that it’s all change. I know this may seem like a silly concept to most, but for some reason I forgot that these things were changes, often big changes, in my life. It’s not that they don’t scare me (some more than others) but rather I deal with them on an “as needed” basis.

I think the thing that inspired this post and has been giving me issues is the lack of resolve with all of these changes. I haven’t moved yet, I’m not very successful at dating (heh, yeah…), school still hasn’t started and old habits die so freaking hard. So here I am in limbo. In between the future and the past. I hate that place. I’m a strictly present kinda girl. I like to live for today which is cliché I know but also very true.

That being said I feel optimistic about the future, about the changes coming. moving will be a good change, and I think it will help me form better habits to have my own space to stretch out in and habits can be changed, even if it is hard work. I feel like the next year holds a world of promise.




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