The New Nerd : The changing face the nerd group and what it means to be popular.

A few years ago liking star trek would have been a nerd thing. The “popular kids” would not have lined up in mass to see the latest Marvel movie, or thought dressing up as Thor was good idea. But today the face of the nerd has changed. Nerd culture is now cool, a thing to be celebrated. Today not being a nerd –in some form or another- is not cool.

I remember when I was in high school being teased for loving horror video games and watching anime. Now this is seen as the norm, what everyone does.

Though I do appreciate my newly risen status from outcast to forerunner, I must then beg the question what about the other guys? You know who I mean, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the preppies and everyone else. Now that geek chic is cool what happens to the cool kid? When the nerds rule is their revenge crueler?

Obviously I’m not a high schooler anymore, so I don’t know what the inner workings of the high schools today look like, but I wonder if the rise in expressed sexuality among youth is the alternative to the nerd culture of today. Where once the Goths were the extreme to the preps, are the exposed over sexualized youth the extreme to the nerdist cosplayers (which can and often is racy in and of itself)?

Recently I watched a short clip of Wil Wheaton speaking about what is means to be a nerd in a message to a newborn baby. Though I think all the things he says are valid, valuable and good life lessons for anyway, I wonder if the rise of nerd culture hasn’t just displaced the old popular kids. If they have been forced into the background are they now facing the torments that a lot of us nerds once faced? Are they getting teased for not liking to read, not watching game of thrones and disliking scientific calculators?

Have we just created a new lower class?

I’d love to hear any opinions any of my readers (the few but greatly loved people who read these blog posts: D). do you think the nerd class is the new jock? Have we just created a new caste system to follow?  Is being a jock, athlete, or prep the new nerd?




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