Why I have the emotional stability of Dean Winchester.

So, recently I’ve been watching the last two seasons of Supernatural , trying to get caught up since I kinda let it lapse. One of the things that stood out the most for me is that Dean seems to only have three settings. The first one is FINE; this is his I-can-handle-anything mode. Where nothing seems wrong and no matter how bad things get he can crack a joke. The second is YELLING, in which he – you guessed it – yells, a lot, at everything. And anyone. Usually this is reserved for Sammy or Cas, but occasionally it’s used as a motivational method. Lastly we have FEELS, in this mode, Dean cries. Usually by this point we the audience are crying too, but for Dean this only seems to happen when nothing else works, or when he’s so overwhelmed by everything that he can’t be FINE anymore.

FINE, YELLING, FEELS, The three modes of Dean
The three modes of Dean

This isn’t unlike Once Upon A Times’ Emma who is a similar rough around the edges, world weary character. She’s not the only other character that is like this, there are dozens if not hundreds I’m sure, but Dean stood out to me the most because I always identified with him.  When I first started watching Supernatural it was with my older brother, and it continued with my Niece. For a while we even called every bag of M&Ms we bought provisions. I grew up on the road, always moving from place to place with my father and brothers. Most of it was done in a 72 Dodge Charger. I felt connected to Dean, like since I spent a fair amount of my time protecting my siblings from all the big bad in this world that I could, we shared this bond. I’m sure there are tons of people out there who feel this way, like you identify with a character in a show, I mean, isn’t that why we watch them?

But this time, while watching, I realized that my emotional path seems to closely follow Deans. I’m either FINE, YELLING or FEELING. The anthropologist in me wonders if I ended up mimicking Dean’s Emotional path because I admired his strength, or if I admired him because he reminded me of me. The fan in me doesn’t really care.

Perhaps this could be a throw out to all the people who know me then, just like Dean, sometimes when I say I’m FINE, I’m not. Sometimes when I’m FEELING its cause I’ve got no other option. And when I’m YELLING it’s probably really because I care to damn much to watch you do whatever stupid thing is it I’m YELLING at you for.

So, people out there in blog land, do you identify with a character?

–  Leah


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