Excerpt: Vampires, Kisses and Paris.

Authors note: This is a repost from my writing blog, as I am trying to merge the two. Contrary to what is probably though i actually wrote this long before i had ever even been to Paris. in fact i believe this come from Feb of 2010 (wow right?) its a short excerpt and really all that was ever written, i know the characters, but never decided what would come before or after this scene. enjoy! comments are always welcome!

Vampires, Kisses and Paris:

He stared a me, and i cringed. Blood was seeping through my t-shrit, leaving a clotting stream in its wake.

“oh. Yeah, guess that’s gonna stain huh?” i said as i  looked up an laughed which quickly turned into a cringe. His intent gaze began to make me uncomfortable and i became aware that bleeding profusely around a vampire might have adverse effects. “you’re not gonna eat me are you? Cause really, that would kinda suck since we made it this far? No pun intended.”

Riel snorted, “ you would not be my first choice for a snack Ms. Doyle. however, you are in considerably bad shape. I think it would be a good idea if perhaps we stopped the bleeding don’t you?”

I nodded reluctantly, “but exactly how do you intent to fix me up, last time i checked abandoned underground ancient tunnels didn’t exactly keep a first aid kits handy.?”

“no i suppose they didn’t” he said. His gaze hadn’t lessoned and i had the distinct feeling i wasn’t going to like whatever he was about to suggest, “however, vampire blood is known to have restorative and regenerative properties. Therefore, if you were to… drink my blood, our predicament would be solved.”

I had been trying really hard to keep cool, as if this whole ordeal hadn’t been enough of a freak out, but some how the thought of drinking vampire blood kinda through me over the edge. I jumped up, Or rather dragged myself to my feet and backed up as far as the stone worked wall would let me go.

He had advanced a foot or so, and kept his eyes on me, like he was worried i’d run. I had a mind to tell him i couldn’t even had i wanted to, since the gash in my side had bleed me pretty dry and i felt kinda woozy, add to that the fact that i wasn’t a track runner on the best of days, and that he was a vampire,  and i felt kinda like it he was humouring me.

“your insane, certifiable. Look, i get that i’m not exactly in top shape here. But i’m still standing, and i have no, absolutely no, intention of drinking your blood. I mean who knows what it would do to me? How do you k now i wont turn into a vampire too?!” i said, slight hysteria had begun to creep it’s way up, probably fuelled by the loss of blood, tight courters and the vampire with the stupid suggestion.

He hadn’t moved a muscle since i had, literally standing stock still. “perhaps you are right Sydney, but if you truly wish to survive the night, then you will except the gift i’m offering you.” His eyes had darkened to a midnight green, with swirls of orange and red spreading out from the irises.

I stood with my back to the cold stone wondering if i should trust this vampire and knowing he was right.  That if i didn’t accept his offer, i’d probably die right here. Right now.

“fine” i said. And before i had the chance to move off the wall i found myself pressed against it by Riel. His bulk pinning me to the stone, and his eyes pinning my gaze.

“good, perhaps you may live through this night after all.” He said. He yanked at the collar of his shirt, which seemed to have remained in perfect condition despite recent events. The collar popped open and the sinuous muscles of his neck were revealed. Skin as white as porcelain and yet almost freckled like white granite. He wasted no time, drawing a sharp nail across a vein in his throat. Before i could protest the treatment or the act, he brought my head up to the wound, my lips pressing against cold flesh and iron blood.

I considered resisting, but that only lasted maybe a minute before the taste of life took away any resistance i had. Since that was what it was, life itself. Humanity lives only to die, but vampires? They are born of death, they are life, eternal life.

It was remarkably warm considering his body temperature, and flowed with little restriction down my throat. I wanted to gag, to pull away, and remind him of exactly how wrong this was, but i couldn’t bring myself to do it. I couldn’t pull away.

Part of me worried if i was going to be his. If this would make me his Reinfield, a walking zombie of obedience and crazy. But that part was so small it was quickly drowned out by the delight of his blood flowing down my throat. A light moan escaped my throat, and i came slamming back to reality, with some clarity as i realized that i was standing in a dark tunnel, under Paris with a vampire i had met only hours before, drinking blood from a wound in his neck so i might actually live to see morning.

Pulling free of his hand that had cradled my head, i looked up into his eyes and saw something i feared more then pain or death. I saw desire.

How had i not noticed? How had this snuck up on me? Had he always felt this way and i had just ignored it?

I backed up as far as i could, running into the back wall , noticing that the bleeding had stopped and with it the pain. In fact i felt… renewed. So i did what any self respecting 21th century girl would do in this situation, i slapped him. Hard.

It resounded across the closed courters and echoed back from down the tunnel, a haunting reminder of my action. We both stood frozen, and i wasn’t sure if i should be running or preparing to fight to the death against a creature i had no hope of winning against.

I saw his jaw flex, tense and then untense. Like he was stretching it out and checking to see what damage i’d done. His eye still held that molten heat, his body seemed ridged, weather from anger or desire i couldn’t tell.

“look…i. shit, i didn’t mean to hit you, it just kind of-“ my stemmer was cut off by a bruising kiss. His lips were cold, but not clammy. It was more cold and dry, and soft. Surprisingly soft. I suppose i had expected marble texturing to match the colour, but it was far from cold stone.

He held me in a vice like grip, steading me and at the same time restraining me. I knew i should protest, fight, set a boundary now so that it wouldn’t be an issue for however much longer we would be stuck with one another. But all i could think about was how supple his lips were, how firm but gentle his kiss was.

I think the only reason he broke the kiss at all was because i was out of breath, since it wouldn’t have made a difference to him. His arms didn’t loosen their grasp on me, and his body was pressed tight against mine. I had the clarity to notice that he was well built, muscular in all the right places.

“you should not have provoked me.” His eyes bore into mine, and i found myself turning away to blush. That made me angry. “provoke you? Pray tell, how did i provoke you? Was it the slap? Or the forced blood transfusion that did it?” i knew it was unfair even as i said it, but i kicked fairness out the window with my burning face and traitorous body.


I felt his muscles tense at my harsh words and knew they had been unwarranted. “perhaps you are correct.” He suddenly released me and stepped back. I felt a cold draft of air swoop in quickly followed by a strong dose of guilt. He turned to walk away and i knew i couldn’t leave it at that, “Riel, wait. It’s just… you caught me off guard. And besides, how would this ever work anyway, it’s so cliché it hurts. I mean, the vampire and the human?”

He had stopped moving away, but hadn’t turned around until i said vampire. “That’s not entirely true.” He looked me straight in the eyes and i had a sinking feeling i wasn’t going to like whatever came next. “What exactly does that mean?” my hands instinctively went to my hips and i felt the squish of the fabric still wet with my blood. “are you telling me your not a vampire? Cause I’d love to know what the hell you are then.”

“No, that is not it.  What i meant was, that there is no human here. Only a vampire, and a necromessor.” He stared at me pointedly, and i stared back.

“Hold on a second, are you saying that i’m not human? And on top of that i’m some…necro-somthing?” i had marched a few steps closer, anger giving me a little more courage then i should have felt. He didn’t move, didn’t even fake a breath or bat an eyelash, he stayed stock still as i marched towards him.


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