Not so good for the motivation.

Today I had the good fortune of looking back on who I’ve become in the last two years and being thankful for the opportunities that I’ve received. I know life isn’t easy, or fair, but I tend to go by the saying “it could always be worse”. There are parts of my life right now that I’d like to change, sure, but nothing so dramatically bad that I feel undone by it.

School is done; I graduated with a BA in Anthropology. I’ve done precisely nothing with my degree and although I do have a new job, it requires exactly none of my anthropological skills. Except maybe the typing part. This makes me a little sad, but I certainly don’t regret my education.

I’m still working towards writing, though I suppose my hiatus from here is a bad omen of my dedication lately. Honestly I just haven’t known what to say. University was a great motivator; we always had some topic that would be discussed and could easily translate over into my personal life. Now there are basically no topics to be discussed unless I search for them. Not so good for the motivation. Sure topics come to me, but I find I’m a lot less motivated to write them down.

Fortunately Nanowrimo approaches and I suspect that it will help kick my brain into high gear, forcing me to use the skill I’ve acquired and have some fun writing a story about, well, whatever the hell I want.

Wish me luck and motivation!



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