So I’ve basically spent the last few months trying to figure out what comes next and to be honest it’s left me in a limbo. I found a stable job but long desperately for a career. Obviously I want to be a writer, but these days it’s feeling like I’ve forgotten how to do that. I spend more time staring at a blank screen then I do actually writing.

Honestly it seems harder the longer I’m out of school as any discipline I had towards writing is now replaced by a desire to level up my WOW character and finish all those books/video games I kept putting off for school.

So as the new year approaches I’m going to try to get things in order, so I can start the new year right.

My plan is to create a writing schedule that won’t make me feel suffocated and move some of my current stories to a thumb drive for ease of access. Create a meal and workout plan that’s realistic but hopefully better than the current couch potato method, and create a plan for a vacation, because I have been longing to see the world forever and I think this would be something I can possibly achieve.

Ok, so in the next two weeks I’m going to create this plans and share them here with you in the unrealistic hope that the shame of failure will make me commit to them.

Till later days.



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