Reign in the new year

So, to go along with my attempt to reign in the new year (heh) properly, I’ve decided to give up dating…

…sites. Almost had you there? The truth is they’ve done nothing but make me more miserable in the last year. I have spent hours staring at an inbox waiting for replies, or talking to men who turn out to be attempting to catfish me (until I call them out on it).  I used to think that they offered a good alternative to the social bar/club/pub scene. I’m not huge into any of those things. and the thing is, they do. But they also allow you to over analyze a person long before you’ve talked to them, to judge a person on who they are for one moment in time.

The truth is I’m much more lenient on the people I date if I know them first. Looks become less important as there is a shared history, and clever jokes.

That said I’ve had some great dates thanks to online dating, some fun times and memorable stories. But as I race into the new year and approach my 30th birthday I wouild like to date smarter not harder. Online dating requires a commitment to spending time sorting through them messages and matches which I simply don’t want to waste anymore. I mean, if I have to spend hours stareing at a screen I  could at least be catching up on Sleepy Hollow or making my way through the massive game collection I haven’t made a dent in.

So this year I think I’ll branch out, maybe try a singles night or speed dating. Probably just make more of a conscious effort to attend events I like, like board  game nights and fan events.

I’m hoping this focus inwards will help me be happier in the new year, and if I’m lucky maybe it’ll help me complete my other goals as well.

So tell me Raindrops, what are your plans for the new year?



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