A little laissez-faire never hurt anyone.

So, in keeping with the desire to better myself I feel before I begin to work on weight loss it would be good to explore what it means to lose weight in a fast paced no-time-to-chat city.

As this holiday grows closer I’ve been reflecting with some coworkers on vacations past. Remember when I started this blog? Probably not, heh, I barely remember. But essentially it was right before I left for Paris. Over the years as I’ve reflected I’ve come to realize that the reason I enjoyed Paris so much was because of its laissez-faire attitude. you don’t grab an espresso to go unless you intend to sit and enjoy it somewhere, and breakfast buns are not stand and eat foods.

Back home, Vancouver, the city seems so faced paced, like if you’re not spending every minute to its most efficient you are not spending it right. Which as an anthropology major and essentially professional observer of people I’ve come to understand that this faced paced way of life is not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love being efficient. It’s great to be able to use my time wisely, but the difference seems to lay in not using every single available moment in this manner.

Now, you’re probably asking how this relates to weight loss. Well as I see it a good part of my problem has arisen from my need to eat/make food/prep food quickly.  How can we be expected to eat properly when I can’t even take the time to sit down and eat?

To go along with this, today’s  resolution for the new year is to take time to make proper meals, prepare meals and eat and not feel like I’m wasting time by spending the time nourishing my body.

Resolutions so far:

  1. Date in real life. Give up online dating for a year.
  2. Eating: not a rush. Spend time on eating, prepping, making food.

So tell me Raindrops, do any of you have New Year’s resolutions?

Till later days,



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