New Year, New You Resolutions.

Hey Raindrops!

I know this post is coming kinda super late, but it’s been a busy few weeks and my attempts to eat healthier take up A LOT of time. But as promised I’m posting a break down of my resolutions and an update on the progress so far.

New Year, New You Resolutions:

  1. Date in real life. Give up online dating for a year.
  2. Eating: not a rush. Spend time on eating, prepping, making food.
  3. It’s not all Weight. Spend time working on physical self. (get active)
  4. Brain matter. Spend time working on non-physical self.
  5. The Write inspiration. Focus on writing. More often/more planned.
  6. Love what you have. Explore ways to love what I already have while still dreaming for the future

Some of these are lofty goals, as I’m sure changing my eating habits and losing weight will take more then 1 year to complete, but really I’m just looking to put a dent in the way I view the world.

For (1) dating I’d like to spend more time doing things I enjoy in public spaces – going to board game nights, coffee shops and books stores – as well as doing things I haven’t done before but would like to try – paintball, more escape rooms, cooking classes – this should help put me out there and give me new or exciting experiences.

(2) Eating and (3) weight kinda go hand in hand. This year I plan to make more of an effort towards being healthy. This will involve a weekly menu, more meals cooked at home and finding something that’s physical that I actually enjoy.

(4) working on myself mentally is the natural follow through of working on my body – I’m going to spend more time on yoga and meditation which is something I let lax, and maybe even find a cause I believe in .

(5) writing will prove more tricky as it Is much harder to set mini goals that are not time consuming. So far writing has proven the most difficult as finding the time to sit and write  feels like time wasted  – which is not true in any way and yet I always feel like there are so many other things I need to do.

(6) I spend a lot of time thinking of the things I want, or the places I’d like to go but not nearly enough time enjoying what I have and being hopeful for the future.  So this year I’m going to reflect on the things I have and take steps to make them more meaningful – such as de-cluttering my space, cleaning out closets and setting firm future goals.

I admit, some of these are lofty goals. they will all take a lot of time and more work then I’ve put into myself in a looooooong time. that said i do think it’s high time i worked on me.

As an added update : I’m down 14 pounds from 289 to 275.2. this is pretty huge news for one month, and i can’t wait to see what happens when i focus more on working out and activities.

Till later days,



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