Fixing your life is F*cking Hard.

Well… it’s been a while hasn’t it? My bad (cue awkward blush). The truth is fixing your life is fucking hard. Like really fucking hard.

I guess when I started this whole thing I thought: fix it all at once = saving time. Apparently that is not the case.

The good news is there has been some progress, the bad news is I’ve stalled a little and it isn’t in all areas. Also, I’m sitting in Starbucks right now, and fuck have I missed Starbucks.

So, let’s sum up how things are going so far:

New Year, New You Resolutions:  Let’s see how far we’ve come, sort of.

  1. Date in real life. Give up online dating for a year.
  • This lasted all of a week. Seriously, have you tried to date in Vancouver? It’s might actually, literally be impossible. The good news is I’m dating less creepy people, so that’s good. The bad news I barely date.
  1. Eating: not a rush. Spend time on eating, prepping, making food.
  1. It’s not all Weight. Spend time working on physical self. (get active)
  • Progress: 5% ish. I do yoga sometimes? And that horrible Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, the one where she yells a lot. Mostly I’ve been trying to be active at least 20 minutes every day (and failing miserably).
  1. Brain matter. Spend time working on non-physical self.
  • Well…yes? I have come to accept that there is a lot about my brain that is hard to understand. I’ll always sort of come off as either super friendly and bubbly or a Vulcan/sociopath depending on how close we are. Hint: if you think I’m always bubble, and am nothing like a sociopath, we probably need to hang out more.
  1. The Write inspiration. Focus on writing. More often/more planned.
  • This one I’ve actually started work on. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make money writing and am working on a new project that hopefully will accomplish this.
  1. Love what you have. Explore ways to love what I already have while still dreaming for the future
  • I think I’ve done a mid-level job here. I don’t appreciate all the things I should. I should be thankful that I have a full time job, but I’m unhappy with it, so I’m not. I have learned to appreciate my friends and family more (even if I suck at showing it) and I am thankful for the people that are active members of my life.

Overall progress is shoddy. I haven’t done as well as I hoped I would have by now. But I’ve lost some weight, went from 289 pounds to 247, a whopping 42lbs so far (give or take a few pounds, since I’ve been stagnate for about two months.).

Progress Pic: left to right, 289 lbs body, 250lbs body , 289 lbs face, 250lbs face
Progress Pic: left to right, 289 lbs body, 250lbs body , 289 lbs face, 250lbs face

It’s been surprisingly hard to keep up the progress, I know what I need to do to accomplish my goals but I’m clearly not mentally ready yet. Letting go of old habits are hard and my mind is rebelling.

That said it’s time for Change.

Wish me luck Raindrops. I hope you like the new layout – you can still find my twitter etc. on the link at the top of the page titled Find me Elsewhere.

Till later days,



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