No Time Like The Present

Last year I had some pretty lofty goals. Lose weight, date more, and work towards my dream of writing. For the most part I made a gallant effort towards these goals. I dropped 45 pounds (15 of which I gained back over the Christmas holiday, but the struggle wouldn’t be real if it wasn’t on going), I attempted to date more and realized that I’d much rather be alone than with someone that isn’t my match, and I realized that I miss writing. I miss the imagination and dreams and far flung adventures.

At the same time I realized I had let my one truly freeing creative outlet slip. This blog means more to me then I care to say, and yet for almost a whole year I was so absorbed in trying to be the person I thought I should be that I never stopped to become that person.

So this year’s resolutions are not so different from last year, though they are a little more concrete.

  1. Write more, blog more, and plot more.
    1. I’m going to make a concentrated effort to update this blog at least once a week. As well as writing as often as possible for a personal standpoint. I also want to start carrying around a notebook again. I used to do this when I was younger and it seriously helped me be more creative.
  2. Shed the dead weight.
    1. Time to stop being a passive participant in my weight loss. Unfortunately I looooove food that’s terrible for me, and though I can manage to cut the calories, I also need to start incorporating more physical activity into my life to help the process along.
  3. What’s love got to do with it?
    1. For fucks sake, I need to just start having more fun. I mean, I HATE dating. It’s boring, and there’s nothing fun about awkward times sitting across from someone. I’ll be honest, I give good date. Seriously. I’ve had tons of dates that have lasted 9 plus hours where we still want to have fun, but reality sets in. As awesome as those dates may be, it’s never fun to become the girl that’s fun, flirty and sexy, but not really date material. So, for now, unless someone actively takes an interest in me and my life first, I think this year will be the year I spend more time with myself.


Well, that’s the majority of it. I’m sure I’ll revise it soon enough. I’m also thinking of starting a weekly story, where I blog a chapter a week. I’m thinking on Fridays. We’ll see how into that idea I am tomorrow. Hah.

obligatory Instagram pic!

Before the fireworks began

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Anyways, I hope the New Year is treating all of you Raindrops well.

Till later days,



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