Last weekend I did something radical. Well, maybe not radical, but radical for a single girl living in a modern world.

I deleted all my online dating profiles.

Some of them I logged out of, knowing full well I won’t return after a brief frustrated struggle to end my love affair with a computer screen and multiple glasses of wine.

At some point in the last year I realized that online dating was getting me nowhere. That it’s not the way I want to meet the person I fall for because I want that person to be someone I can actually connect with.

This does mean that I’ll have to actually start being social and worse than that, I’ll have to be social while flying solo. It’s hard to put yourself out there in the world, knowing that you could be rejected on sight, but this year is supposed to be about me anyway, so anything else that happens is just a bonus, an extra topping on the sundae that hopefully will be this year.

The pessimistic part of me doesn’t expect for anything to happen this year that hasn’t happened in previous years – that is a short fling with someone I fall for, who is unable or unwilling to share my feelings. I don’t blame them, we don’t always reciprocate feelings, but it doesn’t stop the sting.

So here’s to a year where I celebrate my singledom instead of mourn it. A year of putting myself out there by doing things I love. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find someone who wants to do those things with me too.

Best of luck Raindrops.



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