Thrive under the written word

At what point did reading become a challenge to me? I used to love it, thrive under the written word. These days I can barely stay focused enough to read a book and it’s only if I’m willing to put something else off that a book will be read.

It’s sad and makes me sad that I can no longer find the focus to spend 20 minutes here or there reading if I’m not on a train or bus. I know I need to put effort into it, but then other things have to be neglected for me to accomplish some decent reading.  People often suggest audio books, and while I think they are a totally valid way of consuming the same material, I find I don’t have the patience for the slow movement of an audio book.

One of my goals so far has been to read more, I’ve done this by visiting the library more, taking out books that sound intresting and hoping that one of them will catch me. The truth is the last book that I seriously ploughed through was The Martian by Andy Weir, well done and captivating. I like to laugh and he accomplished that.

Well, here’s to trying to read more this year!
What are you currently reading Raidrops?

– Leah


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