Dressing up.

Part of feeling good about yourself is also looking good. This weekend I went clothing shopping with a friend and I bought dresses. For those of you that don’t know me, you may think ‘no big deal’ but the truth is I’ve barely worn a dress in years that wasn’t being put on for a reason. That said I’ve come to realize that although I love a good pair of jeans or yoga pants, I also really love a cute little dress, and even more shocking for me, that I can wear these dresses for no particular reason. So, I bought a few more. I’ll update with some photos if I ever get around to taking them.

I suppose for the longest time I avoided dresses because I felt it separated me from the guys, and honestly I’ve never wanted to be seen as anything other than one of the guys. Now that I’m older, and spending more time with other women, I feel more free to look feminine and not have my credibility undermined. I suppose in a way this post has turned into a question of appearance and gender. I was raised mostly by my father and two brothers, so wearing a dress labeled me as ‘cute’. As long as I had on a skirt I wasn’t taken as seriously, I was the ‘princess’. So, as I aged I began to faze dresses, skirts and tights out of my wardrobe, until I only wore dresses while at weddings or walking across stages.

I’ve never realized how tied to my identity and gender my clothing choices had become. For the last few years I’ve always chosen clothing that made me feel attractive and comfortable. But I neglected to consider that they also let me display an assertive outward appearance, or maintain control over my femminity.

Well, now, I suppose I feel comfortable enough in my identity to not worry that I’ll be judged or taken less seriously if I put on a lacy dress.

What about you Raindrops, how tied to your identity are your clothing choices?




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