Motherboards and Heels

So, remember over a year ago, when i was all like, I should start wearing dresses? And i had like, one dress?

The one dress

Now i have more skirts then pants and a few summery dresses to. I’ve also build my own computer, which I’m currently typing at. it’s awesome and i love it. i haven’t officially named it yet, but I’ll get there.

Look! heels too!
I started gaming – as you may see by the side panel YouTube feed over there. —->

I also wear lipstick.

Normally I’d try to make this long and drawn out. Some socio-political rant about the status of the underprivileged or rising housing costs in an urban environment, but today I’m all about the fun.

So come join me on my twitch, or hang out on YouTube. You can even tweet me, but I’m a little slow to respond.

I’ll post again soon, i promise.

Till later days,


Lipstick! and a view of my computer

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